Distribute Scientific Data

Leave your files where they are.
View, annotate, sort and share data as easily as using a spreadsheet.

No more coding complicated policies or adding links to Google Sheets, FileSlide allows anyone to annotate and distribute data directly from your servers or private cloud storage from a simple, spreadsheet-like web page.

Flexible User Groups

Group together users for specific clients or projects regardless of their organization.

Templated E-mails & Slack Notifications

Notify users of new data with just a couple of clicks.                                    

Metadata Management

Add any number of custom columns. Copy, paste and fill directly from a spreadsheet.

Shared Views & File Picklists

Set column filters to select specific data, save it as a View and share it with group members.

Download as ZIP or with wget

ZIP multiple files or automatically generate wget commands for technical users.

Describe Data Programmatically

Upload manifest.json files or register web hooks to programmatically describe your data.

Free, No Obligation Setup & Demo

Hi I'm Simon - I've spent the last 6 years developing data distribution software for Weill Cornell Medicine and FileSlide is the result of everything I learned along the way.
We're currently in Beta phase so I'll be happy to consult and work with your team free of charge to get FileSlide running and fully integrated with your existing data and IT systems. Following the setup and demonstration there is no obligation to keep using our service.

Please enter your E-mail address below or send an email to simon@fileslide.io or schedule a zoom call for a quick chat.